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    I am very satisfied with the company website design and deployment

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Package website design solution - Update the latest price list

Package website design service is an extremely optimal solution to help businesses & shop owners quickly own a professional website, beautiful interface with full features.
Let's follow the article below to find out the most overview of the advantages and benefits that a package web design service brings to your business!

Website design services

1. What is a package website design service?

Website design service package will provide customers with a complete website from design to integrated features, including: interface design, domain registration, hosting, SSL security, website administration configuration , web SEO, web content development...

2. What are the benefits of a package website design service?

The development trend of the online business market and online marketing has led to the increasing demand for website design services of companies and businesses.

Owning a professional website, website design for business package brings benefits such as:
  • Building the reputation and brand of the business in the market
  • Increase access to potential customers
  • Increase revenue and create a premise for sustainable development.
To better understand the advantages and benefits that package website services bring to each customer, please follow the analysis below.

Website design service

2.1. Save time, reduce costs

Using a package website design service means that you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort searching and choosing individual units to implement each part of your website.

And of course, the cost you need to spend to hire a package implementation unit for all the above issues will be much more economical than if you hire many different parties.

The web design service package will be responsible for the entire process from A-Z to hand over to you a complete website that best meets all the wishes and requirements of customers.

2.2. Create high synchronization, minimize problems arising

When choosing a package website design service, the processes to create a website will be operated and controlled throughout only by a team of experienced staff.

Therefore, it will have higher synchronization, minimizing problems arising in the process of designing, programming, as well as operating the website.

2.3. Support during website operation is easy and fast

In case you choose the website design service package of many units, it means that you will need to work with many staffs of the parties when you need support, backup if any arise.

However, for a package web design service, the customer support process will be much easier, faster and more synchronous. You will not need to spend too much time communicating and waiting in annoyance when the website is having problems.

Professional package website design

3. Experience in choosing a professional package website design company

Are you wondering and worried when you do not know how to choose for your business a unit that provides standard, reputable and professional website design services?

Sharing experience in choosing a package website design company, you need to pay attention to some of the following contents:

3.1 Clearly define your needs before hiring a package website service

With each model, different business fields will suit the needs of creating websites with different interfaces, configurations and features.
For example, you have a need to make a website to show your company's capabilities, introduce a brand/service or make a sales website, e-commerce website? From there, look for the right web design units.

3.2 Evaluation of website design units for business packages

Some criteria you need to consider when evaluating a website design service provider is good or not: Number of years of experience in the industry, brand and reputation, website quality, service price, system customer support & care.

Besides, the best way for you to experience and objectively evaluate the design unit is to try their products/services.

3.3 Consult and comment from people who have used the package web design service

There are many methods for you to consult and evaluate from people around who have hired website design services from which to choose for themselves a reputable and professional web design unit. , most satisfied.

You can survey a package website design unit in the following ways:

- Find information about package web design services on Google page

- Join groups, social networking forums.

- See reviews on the website design company's own homepage.

Web design company

3.4 Meet face-to-face with a web design company

Contact the consulting - customer support department of companies providing sales web design services, make an appointment and ask questions and concerns you are interested in. You can completely evaluate that unit through their consultant in the meeting.
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4. Website design service package at Viet SEO Web - The perfect choice for you

Viet SEO is one of the best rated website design service providers, website design packages for businesses today, also known in the market with another brand name, Bizweb.

With more than 14 years of experience in the industry, a system of +190,000 customers, a staff of +1000 employees and company branches spread across three regions, Viet SEO has brought customers many solutions to optimize resources. , sales management becomes simple, easy and effective.

The website model that Viet SEO provides to customers is a platform website (Cloud platform). Simply understand that Viet SEO creates websites for customers and is responsible for supporting and updating technology regularly for the entire web system they have provided.

You absolutely do not need to care about hosting, SSL security, page loading speed or other features and still own a perfect website.

During the operation of the website, if you encounter any problems, you will be supported to solve them quickly as required until the end of the service contract.

Vietnam website design services

4.1. The benefits of choosing website design services for businesses in Viet SEO

Warehouse rich interface, beautiful design

Viet SEO Web's interface warehouse has more than 400+ beautifully designed and impressive interface templates, suitable for more than 30 different business lines. In particular, these interfaces are all applied with Responsive technology to be displayed on all electronic devices, giving you a great experience.

SSL security, avoiding the risk of virus and hacker attacks

Choosing a website design at Viet SEO Web, customers will be extremely assured by the quality of services that Viet SEO brings. Websites at Viet SEO Web use HTTPS protocol and SSL security according to international standards completely free of charge, avoiding the risk of virus attacks, hackers, or the risk of revealing customer information before competitors. painting.

Website is optimized for SEO

With Viet SEO Web's professional web design services, your website will have a standard SEO structure, friendly to search engines, and help increase the efficiency of reaching natural customers and increasing conversions of ads.

Ensure stability, fast web loading speed

Viet SEO Web helps customers regularly update new technologies on the website, while maintaining and supporting to bring absolute stability during the web experience. Fast page loading speed is also one of the notable advantages when using website design services at Viet SEO.

Viet SEO web

Full admin page, easy to use

Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can still manage your website easily with the intuitive admin, full of Vietnamese SEO Web features. Besides, the Technical and Customer Care department of Viet SEO is always ready to support you when you encounter difficulties in the process of website administration.

Connect with delivery units, pay online

Viet SEO Web supports connecting delivery units (GHN, Viettel post, Viet SEO Express, AhaMove...) and online payments (Paypal, Napas, OnePay) on their sales websites, helping to support The customer's online shopping experience is better, giving businesses a higher chance of closing orders.

Integrating outstanding technologies and features

Viet SEO web design service helps business owners, online business shop owners optimize resources, integrate many smart technologies to make sales more efficient, easier and faster: Integrating software soft chat live; automated ordering process; The Abandoned Checkout feature helps to increase the order completion rate...

Providing full web design services

Viet SEO provides a full package of website design services for customers, with the goal of bringing the most practical benefits, optimally meeting their needs and desires.

Quotation for website design

4.2. Quotation for website design package in Viet SEO Web

The price list of website design services of Viet SEO Web includes 2 types of fees: initialization fee and monthly web service fee.

Initialization fee is 1,500,000 VND and customers only need to pay once when creating a website. Monthly fee with only the price from 299,000 VND/month is that you already own yourself a satisfactory website.

Besides, Viet SEO implements many preferential policies for customers, which can be mentioned as: 20% discount when registering for a 24-month service package, or free initialization cost when registering to use the service. Vietnamese SEO Web service from 2 years or more.

4.3. The process of creating a sales website with Viet SEO Web - 7 days free trial

With just 5 simple steps below, you can completely own a professional sales website for free in 7 days of experience with full of optimal features.

Step 1. Sign up for a trial

You click the "Try it for free" button and enter all the information in the registration form to create your website.

Step 2. Select the interface

At Viet SEO Web's interface store with more than 400 templates suitable for 30 different business lines, you can choose for yourself the best interface and customize your website to your liking.

Step 3. Post the product on the web

Proceed to post your products on the website at the webmaster page.

Domain name registration

Step 4. Domain Name Registration

Register to buy a domain name (domain) at domain name trading sites or you can completely use the domain name you already own. Besides, Viet SEO Web will support you to register your domain name at

Step 5. Ready to use the sales website

After you have completed the registration and website setup steps, everything is ready for you to start using your website.

With 12 years of experience in providing website design services, Viet SEO has become a close companion with thousands of customers. Viet SEO carries with it the mission of providing optimal sales efficiency solutions for businesses on their own website.

Get ready to own yourself a professional website at your fingertips today with Viet SEO Web!
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